Butterfly Staxx: Game Summary

Butterfly Staxx is one of the most aesthetically pleasing slot machines you will ever encounter at an online casino. The stunning sights and soothing aesthetic allow for a really peaceful gameplay experience. Detailed movements, especially for the butterflies, will stick out immediately throughout gameplay. The action takes place on five reels, and each spin displays four rows of symbols. There are 40 fixed paylines that pay left-to-right beginning on the leftmost reel.


In addition to its aesthetics, the good rating of the Butterfly Staxx online slot is also due to its various features. There are wild symbols on all five reels. When a stack of Butterfly symbols fills a whole reel, a special re-spin feature is enabled. As there are just two types of symbols accessible during the bonus game mode, Unique Butterfly free spins can quickly result in large payouts. In addition to offering reasonable payouts for symbol combinations, the online slot machine boasts a strong return to player rate of 96.80%.


Our experts discuss the Butterfly Staxx slot’s features and provide advice on how to get the most out of the game.

You may play for free on any device without requiring any downloads.

Money \sRe-spins


Activated when the full reel is filled with Butterfly symbols.


Casino Butterfly is in motion


Played with only two symbols to build big stacks of the highest-paying icon.



High total returns


With a theoretical return to player rate of 96.80%, this game has a high level of player retention.


Search for Awesome images


Specify that this is a premium slot machine game from NetEnt.



That looks incredible

Re-spins are prevalent

Butterfly Spins Touch mobile version is a rewarding mobile game.

Utilizes four card icons

40 lines are immutable.

Linear pay is quite low.

Review of the Main Features of Butterfly Staxx


With any hope, butterflies can take over the screen.

Free re-spins are one of the primary features of the Butterfly Staxx online slot machine. When a stack of symbols depicting the gorgeous butterflies covers a whole reel, this feature is activated. The butterfly symbols move to the location on the row’s extreme left that is vacant. If additional butterflies arrive on the subsequent spin, the procedure is repeated. The stack of butterflies is compensated proportionately at the conclusion.


As the high-paying symbol is stacked on the reels, it is extremely typical for it to cover the whole screen following a spin. As a result, the feature appears frequently and typically results in large wins.


It’s a great casino game because of how everything appears. 3D effects make the symbols stand out. They are not presented on reels, but rather in the air with a beautiful background. When the butterfly symbols flutter to the left, unique animations are displayed for them. In addition, three standard flower emblems and four card icons are also accessible. About the special symbols, these are represented by the flowers with the words Wild and Scatter.


When the free spins bonus game is activated, you may anticipate hefty prizes.

The bonus round described in the Butterfly Staxx slot review comprises of five, six, or seven Butterfly Spins activated by three, four, or five scatter symbols, respectively. During these bonus rounds, only two cocoon symbols will appear on the reels. When they land on the display, some of the cocoons will convert into butterflies. The butterflies go to the leftmost accessible spot on the row and remain there for the remainder of the free spins.


With each spin, payouts are available for butterfly symbols in play. As a result, the sum grows at a very rapid rate and can reach astonishing levels. The biggest payoff available during Butterfly Spins is 600 times the entire wager. At the maximum amount, this equates to £240,000 from a single wager.


An fantastic playing experience on smartphone and tablet devices

As this is one of NetEnt’s more recent offerings, it comes with a Touch version that is compatible with virtually any mobile gaming device now on the market. If the web browser application supports HTML5, everything should be OK.


In actuality, the controls are adaptable to the device and screen orientation. While playing in landscape mode on a smartphone, the spin button will be shown on the right so that it may be touched with a single touch of the thumb. Everything seems same on the iPhone, Samsung, and iPad as it does on huge computer monitors.


The jackpot may not be enormous, but the rewards can be substantial.

In terms of payouts, the slot machine has a low volatility overall. Thus, rewards occur often, and the Butterfly Staxx jackpot is not very outstanding. When the entire screen is filled with butterfly symbols, the reward is sixty times the bet multiplied by forty paylines. Even with the highest stake of £400, this only amounts to £48,000.


The good news is that it is not particularly difficult to obtain so many symbols simultaneously due to the aforementioned characteristics. Particularly in the free spins mode, when the butterfly symbols retain their placements from round to round, it is not uncommon to see big swarms of butterflies on the screen. The combos on the forty lines are put together, therefore the slot machine game offers substantial payouts.


The minimal volatility also ensures that losing streaks are uncommon. Take advantage of Butterfly Staxx’s high RTP in order to fulfill bonus playthrough requirements at real-money online casinos.


Here is why we cannot endorse Butterfly Staxx enough:

From the beginning of the Butterfly Staxx review, everything were promising. We are pleased to report that this is still the case after reviewing the game’s features and mechanics, which are responsible for its visually stunning presentation. Its gameplay differs from that of standard online slot machines, which is one of its greatest strengths. It contains unique features that are elegantly shown on the screen.


In addition, the possibility for massive winnings is present, since the Butterfly Spins feature may quickly yield awards that can have a significant influence on the bankroll. While playing for real money is usually more fun, we can also propose Butterfly Staxx free slots. This is also possible on mobile devices, so try it now!

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