Slot Overview: Chests of Gold Power Combo Games Global partner All41 Studios’s follow-up to the fantasy-themed Kings of Crystals is titled Chests of Gold Power Combo.

Considering that almost all of the game’s statistics and gameplay are carried over from its predecessor, Chests of Gold Power Combo may be better described as a reskin than a successor. What’s different today is that, in the spirit of Robin Hood, players are encouraged to run amok through the woods while aiming for chests that contain one of the game’s three primary elements. These can include free spins with nudge-wilds, line-win multipliers, jackpots, or a mix of these features.

Even if the graphics have altered since Kings of Crystals, the game still has the same feel. What we mean by this is a magical, fantastical backdrop and the like, although the reels themselves include rather realistic depictions of the individuals. The tone of Chests of Gold Power Combo is similar to that of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, despite their absence from the text. A tranquil stroll through the woods with the sound of birds chirping and a drum banging when the reels are stopped, building suspense as the game progresses, and finally ending at a castle for the bonus rounds.

Choose a stake where the wager levels are 20 p/c to £/€20 each spin when you choose your weapon. The game’s return to player (RTP) value can range from as high as 96.4% to as low as 86.7%, depending on the market, with volatility being high across the board. The gaming grid in Chests of Gold Power Combo, when not activated by the nudging wild feature, consists of 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed paylines.

There are 11 distinct pay symbol kinds, and you may win with as few as two matching symbols on a payline. Lines of five 9-A card images pay out at 0.75 times the wager, while lines of a quiver of arrows, a bag of cash, a man figure who may be the bad guy, a lady, and a Robin Hood type pay out at 2.5 times the wager. Five of a kind pays a payout of 2.5-5 times the original wager. The aim wild appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and it may replace any other symbol save scatters and currency symbols.

Slot Features Inspired by Treasure Chests

Scatter symbols are chests, and there are three distinct colors to choose from: red, blue, and green. There is an attribute associated with each one. When a treasure box is opened, coins shoot out and land in a receptacle next to the spinning reels. There is a possibility that a coin’s functionality will activate when it is retrieved. Multiple bonus types can be activated at simultaneously, or an active bonus round can be enhanced, if multiple scatters are received.

Nudging Wilds in Free Spins

The red chest scatter can launch 5 free games with 100 paylines over a 7×7 field. A wild symbol triggers a nudge that fills an entire reel with wilds. If you get a red chest symbol, you’ll win more free games.

Jackpot Collection Spins at No Cost

When the green chest appears, you may win 10 free games and a chance at the jackpot. When the coins land, you can win 1x or 10x your wager in cash or a letter that matches to one of the jackpots.

If you get the letters G, R, A, N, and D, you win the Grand Jackpot, which is equal to ten thousand times your wager.

If you get M, A, J, O, and R, you win the Major Jackpot, which is equal to 500 times your wager.

If you get M, I, N, O, and R, you win the Minor Jackpot, which is equal to 50 times your wager.

A Mini Jackpot worth 25 times the wager is awarded for collecting M, I, N, and I.

Line Multiplier Free Games

Five free games can be triggered by the blue chest scatter, with a random win multiplier of 2, 3, 5, or 10. Free games can be re-triggered by getting more blue scatters.

Add-On Purchase

The feature purchase menu, if it is accessible in your region, includes seven choices. You can buy only one, two, or all three features at once. Features can be purchased individually for 20x the bet, or all three together for 110x the stake.

Slots With a Powerful Gold Chest Combo: The Verdict

If you weren’t blown away by the prior game, Kings of Crystals, Chests of Gold Power Combo probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting idea. Not that the Chests of Gold Power Combo is the worst thing ever or anything, but it is essentially the same thing with no additional twists or turns to offer even a shred of mystery or intrigue. The odd crystal pattern running through Kings of Crystals may not appeal to everyone, but the topic may. Taking inspiration from Robin Hood’s timeless story might increase interest in Chests of Gold Power Combo.

Since the gameplay of this game and the previous one is identical, the game’s features are unlikely to be a deciding factor. The flexibility to mix and match features from the feature purchase menu is maybe the most intriguing aspect of them. Players have a wide range of alternatives, with the cheapest option costing only 20 times the bet and the most expensive option costing 110 times the stake. Free spins that involve more than one sort of feature from the main game or an increase to a presently ongoing bonus round are another plus. Since bonus triggers are purely random, it might be hard to collect coins when scatters hit without a meter tracking progress or the guarantee that scatters will activate a bonus round from the regular game.

Like its predecessor, Chests of Gold Power Combo was passable for a quick spin but hardly the most thrilling slot we’ve ever seen. It’s not hard to imagine Chests of Gold Power Combo attracting some attention due to its nice mediaeval ambience, given the popularity of Robin Hood slots (Robin Nottingham Raiders and Riches of Robin are two examples).

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